Online English Teaching Companies… The Big 3. Which One to Choose? Part 1 / 3

There are dozens of online teaching companies out there competing for both students and quality teachers.  Here is a rundown on 3 of the heavy hitters in the industry, and some info that can help you choose the right one to apply to.

1. VIP Kid


Company size (teachers) 2,000
Company size (students) 500,000
Company based in: China
Hours per week No min / max
Hourly pay rate $17 – 23
Age of students 4 – 12 years
Students per class 1 on 1
Class duration 25 minutes
NES Only? Yes
Bachelors Required Yes
TEFL Required No
Experience Required Preferred
“Peak” working hours Mon-Fri, 6-10PM
Sat-Sun 9am-10pm
Bejing time
Link to Apply Now APPLY NOW

VIPKid is a Beijing based company, founded in 2013 and has been growing rapidly ever since.  Now they claim to have over 500,000 registered students on their platform.  Even Kobe Bryant is on board, as he recently announced that his firm is investing in the company!

I have personally been teaching with VIPKid for nearly a year now and can’t say enough positive things about the experience.  But I will try anyway.  Here is a list of some of the things that make VIPKid an awesome company to work for:

  • No minimum number of hours required per week.  Previously, VIPKid required a minimum of 7.5 working hours per week but this restriction has been removed.   The flexibility of working as much or as little as you want is amazing.
  • Short, 1-on-1 lessons for which no lesson planning or preparation is needed.  The classes are already organized into ready to deliver slide shows.  25 minutes of teaching time flies, especially when you are having fun.
  • Good base pay and lots of incentives!  VIPKid has amazing incentive programs each month.  They have been known to give away Iphones, Ipads, flights, and cold, hard cash to many lucky winners each month.  They also reward teachers for attendance (not missing classes), as well as signing up new students that book a trial class with you.  Topping it all off, if you accept a class on “short notice”, which is less than 24 hours, you’ll receive an extra $2 for that lesson.  Depending on your base pay and attendance, you can expect to make between $17-23 per hour (you can teach 2 classes per hour since they are 25 minutes each).
  • Excellent support!  The value of this can’t be overstated.  VIPKid has a reputation for taking amazing care of their teachers.  Their support site is super helpful and if you have a specific question they are extremely responsive to any inquiry you send.  The company clearly takes a lot of pride in giving superior support to their teachers.

The awesomeness of VIPKid is off the charts.  However, here are some things you need to know before you apply:

  • Strict requirements: Applicants must be Native-English speakers with a clear North American accent. Sorry Aussies and Brits!
  • Degree required: A 4-year college degree is necessary to be accepted.
  • Equipment notes: You will need to a reliable laptop or desktop computer (no tablets currently supported), webcam, headset with noise cancelling microphone, and some props to make your class more fun / visual.  A small dry erase (whiteboard) is also very handy to have.
  • Time zones / scheduling:  The students are based in China so teaching times are based on the GMT +7 time zone.  That means that if you are currently living somewhere in Asia you can expect to have peak scheduling hours in the evenings and weekends.  If you are in North America the hours may or may not be convenient for you (early morning).  Check this for your time zone before you apply.  You control your own hours by telling the company what days/times you want to work each week, but there are specific “peak hours” during which time the students will be available online.

It’s no surprise that VIPKid is one of the fastest growing and most successful online teaching platforms online today.  Their user interface is fantastic and easy to use.  Their teacher support is the best in the business.  The lessons are well done and fun to teach.  Click here to apply to VIPKid now.

Stay tuned for Part 2:      51Talk


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